Passing 15/16 tests and don't know what I am missing

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I have gone through my code multiple times trying to pinpoint the problem with but I cant seem to locate the issue

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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here is the link to my pen

I’m a beginner myself but I noticed your nav bar isn’t always visible at the top of the viewport?

How do I go about fixing it

Personally, I would put the nav bar above the image in the header and in the css. Remember I’m also a beginner. You could try this in your html nav element <nav style="position: sticky" It worked for me! also, I used an unordered list with list items for my nav bar instead of anchors so you could try that alternative too if it doesn’t work? Hope this helps.

I tried to execute all this but no luck this is where I am now

you have asssigned flex-wrap (a flex -property) to the body. however the body does not have display:flex applied to it so that property does nothing. just add a display:flex; to the body before the flex-wrap property.

you shouldn’t be using inline styling

Hi Reuben,
Thanks for the tip.
I have now taken out the inline styling .
Very kind.

I wish I could pass this final test. So close - 15/16.
Thanks again.


Thank you so much that helped a lot.

Hey Simon! What is your issue? Is it the same as kennys? If so I have explained why the final test didn’t pass for him.

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