Passing on a compliment

One of my old friends from Colorado has been porting all of his e-commerce websites to the JAMstack. He has been asking a lot of questions here on the forum.

He texted me a moment ago and said “I love fCC.” He linked me to a forum discussion thread where @RandellDawson had helped him get un-stuck.

I just wanted to pass on the “thank you” from him. A ton of entrepreneurs like him who were part of the old Wordpress - and even pre-Wordpress - wave of online businesses are now updating their skills and modernizing their websites, and they’re able to do this thanks to the patient help from you all.

Even today a third of all websites use Wordpress, and they’re working to transition to the JAMstack and other tooling. And this forum is becoming invaluable for these semi-technical small businesses to modernize. So from my friend and from me, thanks for all you are doing to make this possible.