Passing tests for product page

Hey all just finished my product page (finally) and went through the test but there are 2 that are still red and I don’t understand why my code doesn’t pass.

I already read the info in red but I’ve checked my code and can’t seem to find the problem.

5. When I click a .nav-link button in the nav element, I am taken to the corresponding section of the landing page.’

I have clicked the three buttons and they take me to the corresponding section.

12. When I click the #submit element, the email is submitted to a static page (use this mock URL: that confirms the email address was entered (and that it posted successfully).

Tried this too, and am not sure if this is right, I only see a frowning face when I punch in my email.

@Kode for #submit element issue add “action=” property to the form element and also add “name” property to “email” element.

for “.nav-link” button issue add class"nav-link" to the element which is having href property

These are already in my code, but the issues remain :frowning_face:

    <input type="email" value="email" name="firstname" id="email" class="input-field" placeholder="Enter your email here" required>

name should be email instead of firstname.

try giving your a tags "nav-link" instead to li tags.

it worked like a charm, thanks!

I ran the tests in Firfox and all passed which browser are you using ? Sometimes that makes a diffrence.

He said it’s working for him now.

Thanks! I was using Chrome, since they say that is the best browser to use for development. Not sure if that’s true now…

Who are they?

But yes, for the curriculum challenges where you pass tests by using the site editor, Chrome (historically) is the one with the best compatibility it seems.

For development, in general, it is more of a personal preference. Firefox has actually added a lot of neat features recently to their dev tools. They have some Flexbox and Grid layout specific tools and the Change tab which show all the edits done in the style sheet pane is pretty damn handy. There is also the Examine Event Listeners feature which is pretty nice.

Personally, I think I have just gotten so used to using Chrome that it feels a little off in Firefox and some things therefor take slightly longer. But I really do like a lot of the features in Firefox.

@lasjorg Yes I get that too I use Chrome for development at home and Firefox at work (because chrome isn’t allowed) but there are some nice dev features in Firefox, and I have only had a couple challanges fail in Firefox. I started using chrome a long time ago as at the time it was the only one rendering HTML5 correctly, now even IE renders HTML5.

Out of curiousity, do you recall which ones?

@chuckadams seems like it was one of the React ones or maybe javascript, I really don’t recall There were so many challenges, i think the toughest time I had was figuring out some of the instructions, I would always tell myself, when I get though all this I am going to try and do some pull requests to make the instructions clearer. There was on in Data visualization I remember that i had to refresh Firefox to get it to work i think some things get caught in the cache.