Passing the Tribute Page challenge

Hi guys. I just finished my first landing page. However, I’m getting 1/10 objectives wrong.

Although my image appears centered on my site and although I’m using the display: block; for both the parent container and the <img element, the project javascript checker (I dunno what to call it) is telling me that my image needs to be responsive to size and not exceed its parent container.

for security reasons (since I’m a new user) the forum won’t allow me to post a link so I’ve pasted it here in parts:

codepen dot io

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You have a huge link which if you resize the browser, is breaking the layout (you can see that a horizontal scroll bar will appear at the bottom)

Make sure that instead of having

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The full url inside the <a> tag, you just put a name like: South Korea Education.

Also, you have more space than needed on mobile, make sure you remove some of it.

I fixed the link. Thank you for the suggestion.

I will do some searching about how to fix the space on a mobile phone browser.
I really like the way the site displays on a computer screen. I’d like to preserve those ratios while decreasing the empty space on mobile browsers.