Passing values to functions using arguements

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I’m unable to understand the concept of passing values to function using strings as parameters.

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function funtionWithArgs(x,y){



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Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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Function parameters can be of any type that exists in JavaScript, including another functions

Hey @suryadoulagar,

A parameter can take anything, even a function. What it does in the background is it created a LOCAL variable that only That specific function can use. Let’s use your example:

function funtionWithArgs(x,y){
//IN the background where you can't see it, there are these 2:
//let this.x = x;
//let this.y = y;
//so with the arguments 1,2 passed that means:
//let this.x = 1;
//let this.y = 2;
//You can't see any of these, but it's happening in the background.


More about functions here:

your issue is this, your last line of code, outside the function x and y are not defined and you get an error that may stop the tests from running