Passing Values to Functions with Arguments 2

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// Example
function ourFunctionWithArgs(a, b) {
  console.log(a - b);
ourFunctionWithArgs(10, 5); // Outputs 5

// Only change code below this line.

  var one = 1;
  var two = 2;
  var three = "3";
  var two = (1, 2, 3);

function functionWithArgs(three) {
functionWithArgs(50, 13);

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You functionWithArgs function should have two parameters. You could call them num1 and num2 if you want. The function should output (using console.log) the sum of these two variables when the function is called. Remember, when values are passed into a function, these parameter names are just variable names which you can reference inside the function.

I am not sure why you had the following four lines of code, but they are not needed to pass this challenge.

Also, in the future, it is best to ask questions in a post, so we know what you do not understand.