Passion is not found, it is developed through hardwork

I have seen many people asking this question when they struggle during their development journey.
“Is this the right career path for me?
Am I cut out for this?
Am I passionate enough about this?
Will I ever be able to find happiness in something that pushes my brain to complete exhaustion?” (I too am guilty for thinking those things when I started out)
But the truth is that everyone starting out feels the same, and what you’re feeling is just the part of the process of learning something new. Just because you’re not able to do something now doesn’t mean you can never do it. It also doesn’t mean that you’re not cut out for it. No one is cut out for anything, unless they’ve worked hard enough to make themselves capable. Everything people achieve in life is by consistently trying even after failing thousands of times, believing that they can pull it off just like everyone else did through hardwork and perseverance.
Embrace your failures rather than feeling embarrassed or ashamed of them. Learn from them and you can be sure that they will launch you to greater heights.
Just keep going, keep believing, be honest and do the right thing. And you’ll NEVER REGRET it, ever!
Wish you the best.


Just wanted to up this because I think it’s true. I played football as a kid, and for the first few years, I was absolute trash. I wanted to quit, but my parents wouldn’t allow it.

I started to excel in my fourth year. From that point 'til the day I hung up my pads for good, there were few things in the world that meant more to me than that sport.

Was the probable brain damage worth it? I’d say so, if only for the lessons I learned (like this one). :wink:

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