Passport deserialize error?

when I try to deserialize my user by google oauth I got this error.CastError: Cast to ObjectId failed for value "1032711568968340234520" at path "_id" for model "user"
any help, I search this alot but I can’t find anything, what cause of this error?

Without code, unfortunately we can only guess or Google. It looks like you are trying to cast something and something about that cast is not working.

my deserialize method.

passport.deserializeUser(async (id, done) => {

    try {

        // if (!mongoose.Types.ObjectId.isValid(id)) return done(null, false);

        console.log("*********id**********: ", id)

        const user = await UserModel.findById(id);

        if (!user) return done(null, false)

        done(null, user)


    catch (e) {