Password strength checker

Me again…

I have done the majority of the code. I am now working on getting the progress bar to update. Does anyone know if there is an easy way to update the progress bar than doing a huge if statement…?

if (uppercaseLetters < 1) this.setState({ percentage: 5 })

Then that percentage gets passed to a progress bar component. But if I was do to do this for every instance, it would get very repetitive and not the most semantic…

if (uppercaseLetters < 1) this.setState({ percentage: 5 })
if (uppercaseLetters >= 1 && uppercaseLetters <= 5) this.setState({ percentage: 10 })

if (lowercaseLetters <= 10) this.setState({ percentage: 5 })
if (lowercaseLetters >= 10 && uppercaseLetters <= 15) this.setState({ percentage: 10 })

if (numbers <= 1) this.setState({ percentage: 5 })
if (numbers >= 1 && numbers <= 5) this.setState({ percentage: 10 })

As you can see, this is very repetitive…

How are you determining the percentage for each letter? What is the general algorithm/formula you are using?

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