Pay It Forward Upwork Projects: Would this work?

In the thread How to find a programming job living in rural area? it was mentioned:

I’ve heard a good idea on upwork is to find some friends or relatives to hire you for web work through upwork for a low fee so (assuming the work is good) they can leave you a positive review and you have that project to add to your upwork portfolio.

I’m interested if this would be viable: individually or as group(s) Free Code Campers post small projects on Upwork intending to hire other campers with the understanding that the camper hired will within a reasonable time after completing the project post a similar parcel of work targeted at the campers coming up after. The aim is to break the zero feedback barrier, so the the hired camper should pass along at least the proceeds of the job plus replenish what would otherwise dwindle from fees–but of course if you’re wildly successful it’d be great to add to the snowball.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting “no-show” work or fake feedback. Each project should be real,even if modest, and create a piece of work worth adding to ones portfolio–and preferably actually benefiting the poster. Even if it was just paying a nominal amount to pair up with a camper further along on the trail, debug something, write up an article or the like all of these are things I’ve seen upwork postings for.

I see some risks with this idea in that we’re talking about real money. I’m thinking that the amount, especially initially should be small, and that maybe there could be a crowd fund with some sort of informal consortium to keep the plan running smoothly. Even so it would require a certain amount of good faith,but doesn’t this whole camp?

Anyway, just a thought. What do you think. Any hope for it. Or am I carzy ol’ carnk?

Count me In.

I am interested to get a freelance work in the future. I made an account and I can help with web design and translation if needed.

Great idea. Count me in as well.