Pdfs or websites to do easy programs on JS?

Anyone knows about a book, pdf or website with excercise or litle and fun programs to learn JavaScript?
Thanks in advance.

Eloquent JavaScript is a good book, FCC, codecademy has a good JavaScript lesson. Brad Traversy on YouTube is great.


To add to the list FunFunFunctions and LeetCode are also great.

The books You Don’t Know JS of Kyle Simpson cover a lot of what JS has to offer. Me and a couple coworkers did a summary of those books some years ago for a team training that you can find here on github if you prefer a shorter version.


I’m reading Eloquent JavaScript and its AMAZING. Im gonna try Codecademy and watch Traversy chanel. Thanks!

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I fell in love with LeetCode! THANKS. and You Don’t Know JS its is already in my list!