Pencil Icon notification

What does the pencil Icon notification mean? Like the one that means edit when it’s your own post, but I got a notification on a post I made, the same as if someone had replied, but it has the little pencil icon and I can’t seem to see anything or find any info on it. Any help?

If you’re talking about the icon on the forums, you’re right it’s an edit. Occasionally, a moderator will edit a post you made because you have working code that passes solutions. You’ll put in spoiler tags.

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It means a moderator edited your post. I moved your request for help topic from the “General” category to the “Help” category.

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Oh ok, my bad. Thanks!

ahh, gotcha. Thanks!

No worries. If we edit the content of your post we’ll tell you about it, but we don’t bother when we’re just tidying up categories.

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Yeah, that makes sense