PentahoPDI and Angular


I want to create an application using Angular to convert and integrate data using Pentaho PDI, but no idea how to start, some help PS

You need to provide a little bit more information than this. Its extremely difficult to help you because we have literally no idea what you know, what you’ve tried, what you’re stuck with. For example:

What have you already tried? Do you know Angular? Do you know JavaScript? What is this for: an integration with an existing application or something standalone? Have you written integrations before? If it’s standalone, why do that instead of using the Pentaho graphical interface?

What is PentahoPDI? I have the vaguest memory of having to do integrations for Pentaho at a previous job, it’s a massive, complex thing, so what exactly are you trying to do? Do you know how to use it already? What do the docs say about integrating into another application?


I already used Pentaho PDI is Pentaho Data Integration) , I want to use Angular to create an app for simple user witch is not in cumputing , to simplify coverting files from csv to Excel and join 2 csv ou excel files into 1 file.

for that i wana useva Angular but like i said before no idea where to begin
java script i do have a breef idea

Think you