People keep saying I should start looking for jobs

So people have been saying I should start looking for work now. But I don’t think so. They think I’m smarter than I am and I don’t think they’re wise enough to be trusted for their feedback.

I’ve been here on FCC for a year now. And it took me 3 months to understand REACT between work and struggling to understand what I’ve been asked to do.

Maybe I should be looking at hints sooner than after an hour of trying. But I feel that my slowness and lack of projects just makes me a poor pick.

Unless there are jobs out there for people who know HTML/CSS/JS/BOOTSTRAP and I’m not even that confident in JS because I don’t often program a lot of interactivity.

Can someone tell me if I’m right? I don’t think I’m ready to work at these places especially after I’ve seen these job postings.

There’s nothing wrong with that. React is a weird way of thinking. It’s very powerful, but it’s weird when you first get into it. And Redux is a different kind of weird, but also very powerful and often paired with React.

Can someone tell me if I’m right? I don’t think I’m ready to work at these places especially after I’ve seen these job postings.

There are a lot of different jobs out there. Will it be easy for you to find a job with your skills? No, it will be hard, but not impossible. There are places that look to take on people with some basic skills that they can mentor. They do exist.

Should you apply for jobs? If you find one that you think you are half qualified for, why not? Keep in mind that job postings often exaggerate the requirements. And interviewing is a skill that needs to be nurtured. It will also give you a sense of what is out there and what it will take. And even if you don’t get that job, they may keep your resume on file and one day when an internship pops up they may give you a call.

What have you got to loose? At the risk of yet another shameless plug, here is a doc I once wrote up on my thoughts on the difficulties of getting that first job.


How would you know what skills are you lacking or if you’re not fit enough if you won’t apply for a job? One of the most important rules in programming that happens to apply here as well: “Don’t make assumptions”.

So people are right! Of course it doesn’t mean that you will get a job, but it will put you on the track to get one.


I think for a beginner it’s very important to learn the skill of interviewing.

Learn to connect to people.
Learn to write great resumes, intros etc.
Learn to sell your skills and your brand.
Learn to cope with failures.
Learn to cope with rejections.
Learn to cope with "No"s.

If you start to learn interviewing only when you need it badly, then it’s probably too late.