Perfect Carrot Landing Page ready =)

Finished my product landing page challenge a couple of days ago, mine is about the perfect carrot. The form at the bottom works, messages to your Inner Carrot welcome =)

I like the overall look, though I’m not quite happy with some of the responsive features, which I’d put on the decent side, but not on the awesome side. I think it would also be nice to increase the spacing between the 1-2-3 lines, but for now I’ve decided to move on.

Feedback welcome and appreciated. =)

Here’s the Codepen.

And a teaser :wink:

1- center the text
2- Make the titles stand out and follow hierarchy (h1,h2…)
3- move the contact block down
4- make the nav menu smaller
5-make that carrot giggle with animations

and many more things that can be done…