Perform a Union on Two Sets*

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How can I modify this line in order to use it with my older set?

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class Set {
constructor() {
  // This will hold the set
  this.dictionary = {};
  this.length = 0;
// This method will check for the presence of an element and return true or false
has(element) {
  return this.dictionary[element] !== undefined;
// This method will return all the values in the set
values() {
  return Object.values(this.dictionary);
// This method will add an element to the set
add(element) {
  if (!this.has(element)) {
    this.dictionary[element] = element;
    return true;

  return false;
// This method will remove an element from a set
remove(element) {
  if (this.has(element)) {
    delete this.dictionary[element];
    return true;

  return false;
// This method will return the size of the set
size() {
  return this.length;
  let unionSet= [ Set([...a, ...b])]//this line
  return unionSet
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Challenge: Perform a Union on Two Sets

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So, you want to not create a new set for the union, but mutate the original set to be the union? I think that kind of thing is normally avoided, but if you really want to, could you iterate through the second set and add its members to “this” set?

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