Perhaps all blockcode should be spoiler tagged by default

How many questions have you seen from beginners posting a very near complete solution with a minor typo, or posted complete solutions asking for how to complete the question better, where they’ve forgotten to mark their code as a spoiler?

Probably a lot, judging by how many times the regulars comment on it.

Perhaps it would be better to make the triple backticks have code as a spoiler.

I don’t think it takes away from the user experience to have to click - and by doing so they’re essentially saying “I don’t mind this being spoiled” anyway.


The problem is when the spoiler tags are added, no one except admins/moderators can copy/paste the code easily to be able to debug in their own development environment. There are many more postings with code which is only 50% complete vs. a small number of posting with code which is 95% or 100% complete.

I see, that’s unfortunate!

Is that intentional?

Not sure if it is intentional, but it is the way it is. I actually like the fact that the code can not be easily copied and pasted when I give someone a blurred hint, because it forces the person to at least type out the solution. Even when you type something word for word, you are still learning a little bit vs. copy/paste is strictly a mindless operation.