Periodic Table Database - Build a Periodic Table Database

Please help.
I am having trouble with the following requirements:
###If you run ./ 1, ./ H, or ./ Hydrogen, it should output only The element with atomic number 1 is Hydrogen (H). It’s a nonmetal, with a mass of 1,008 amu. Hydrogen has a melting point of -259.1 celsius and a boiling point of -252.9 celsius.

If you run ./ script with another element as input, you should get the same output but with information associated with the given element.

If the argument input to your script doesn’t exist as an atomic_number, symbol, or name in the database, the only output should be I could not find that element in the database. ###

I have tried many ways but still cannot pass these requests. Maybe I still don’t understand the request very well, please help me to explain more
I have my solution at the link below.

Thank you for watching

solution: LearningFreecodecamp/Relational Database (Beta)/database periodic_table at main · NPhucBinh/LearningFreecodecamp · GitHub

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Challenge: Periodic Table Database - Build a Periodic Table Database

Link to the challenge:

Have you created periodic_table folder for the file?

Yes, I think I created a periodic_table for and the file is in that directory.
Because the request for that has passed.
You can see more photos below and help me point out the missing steps.
Thank you

Oh, sorry. I had initially problems when using your script, due to that, so I have assumed that might have been a reason.

Script prints Please provide an element as an argument. every time, even when argument is supplied. That information is expected to be written only when is run with no argument.

when i run the script file the result is returned as shown below, i have a small question do i need to create an extra wait variable to receive the input value.
Thank you very much.

Nope. When no argument is provided just write the message end end script. Otherwise information about providing argument should not be shown.

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Oh, thank you.
I found the problem, the line “Please provide an element as an argument.” Only appears when no arguments are passed. If there is an argument it will not appear.
Thanks for your support