Personal data "honest:false"

While updating my profile I was given the option to download the information freeCodeCamp collects about me while I use the site. One of the value pairs, in the section of language certs, says honest:false
I don’t see any language certs that involve “honest” so I am assuming it has to do with some other value pair. I am curious what that would be since it’s kind of impossible to determine my character based on my participation in the 300 hr responsive web development course. At least the value pair " cheater:false " was in my favor :slight_smile:
Can someone tell me what this means. I’m still new to json files and wanted to see how data about me is collected and how to decipher it. Thank you

Hello there,

The isHonest flag is used to determine whether or not a Camper has accepted the Academic Honesty policy:

Hope this clarifies

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It does. Thanks Sky! Much appreciated

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