Personal fCC learning stats - how to find out

Hello, fellow campers! Good day!

Is there a way to find out when I started doing the fCC challenges, when I had completed a particular section or how much time I have been spending on fCC altogether?

I’m trying to organise my time in a way that works for me. I want to spend more time on fCC but I tend to get distracted mostly by learning or reading about other unrelated(but interesting) things and lose track of time.

I joined back in September but did not start learning immediately. From my browsing history and gmail, I could deduce that I started using freeCodeCamp around 2 weeks back and maybe spent about a week actually learning from it. But it feels like I’ve been here much longer than that. I have just installed a chrome extension and can track my future browsing time. But I was wondering if I can find out when I had actually started learning from fCC. (I’m quite forgetful about certain things & also open a lot of tabs, so it’s a bit difficult to keep track.)

Also, what methods do you use to keep track of your online learning time?
Thanks in advance!

You can check your timeline from settings tab.

Click Settings–>Show me my public portfolio, and see when you completed/submitted a challenge successfully.

If anything doesn’t appear, you should make public “My time line” in Privacy Settings section in Settings before.

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Thank you! It was what I was looking for. :slight_smile:
I had looked at the settings but I think I was impatient and missed it.