Personal Library feedback

Hey guys, I’ve just finished a Personal Library project. Tell me what do you think about it. I could’ve added more features to the app like user auth, deleting comments, possibility to add more info about books, but at this moment I don’t want to stay any longer on this app. I thought that those features could be easily added and that those wouldn’t add much to the learning process in this project (except maybe of user auth). But I saw that user auth will be required in the last project of the section, so I’ve left it out from this one. One of my goals for this project also was to use in order to learn more about building real-time apps and just to make myself more familiar with library. If you want you can test those real-time features when you add/delete a book or a comment.

And here are the links:
live app
github repo

When I added a book with an apostrophe in the title it came out like this.

Man's Search for Meaning 1 comment

Nice job on the project. Other than learning I’m not sure I see the point of for this app.

I’m eager to do a project with that library though.

Hey thanks for the feedback… Oh I’ve missed those issues with the title… About, yeah, I just wanted to test it. And also it’s nice to have live book updates on the main page… :smiley: