Personal Porfolio Andrej Feedbacl

What do you guys think of my portfolio?


Any critique or tips would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @andrejjj222,
I think you can work a little on accessibility on this one. I would pay attention on a couple of things.

First, the color pallete for your portfolio. Choose to colors and make sure that they align to the pictures you’re using.

Second, the font and the color should follow accessibility standards.

I’d recommend you choose two main colors and stick to those. And let those colors have a good ratio for people who don’t have good sight. And the images that you choose, it’s better that they have the same colors you chose. You can select a third color for the accent. That would be the color the font gets when the mouse hoover over, or the color of the buttons.

Look at these websites color pallette and tell me what you think.


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You need to make your page responsive

When I put my screen to the smallest width the page still looks good. What do you mean by making it more responsive?

There’s a horizontal scrollbar. Whether desktop or mobile you don’t want a horizontal scrollbar. Everything should resize appropriately.

Everything does resize appropriately and looks good. I dont know why the horizontal scroll bar appears. When I put in ( * { overflow-x: hidden;} ) it doesnt work.




That didn’t work. The horizontal scroll bar still appeared.