Personal portafolio feedback

Hi all,

I would appreciate any feedback on my personal portafolio. It took me more time than I was expecting, and I would like to repeat it in the future, just because of that.

The only think i dont really like too much is the floating link to go back to the top. I would like a link that disapears at the top of the web and once the user scroll the window it appears back. But, I didn’t do it, because I want to continue and I dont want to spend any more time in this.

Here is the link:

Thank you in advance, and enjoy programming!!

Hey, I think you did a great job. It’s like looking at a resume sheet!

Next to your various skills you placed what I assume are experience bars. While I like the idea that visually I can just look at see what programs you know well, those bars have an end- a certain finality. You know? Some of those bars are nearly full. I feel like with things like coding languages and photography we will always be students of it, learning new things within the subject all the time (hopefully) and so we will never be truly done or 100% knowledgeable.

Perhaps I am overthinking your design, I’m sorry I am just weird! In any case, none of your bars are entirely full. :slight_smile:

The portfolio is excellent. It’s functional and it looks nice. Bravo!

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hehehe, I really liked your post!!

Of course, I agree with you and when I did it I felt a bit awkward, because there are lots of things where it is impossible to have a 100% of knowledge. Considering is a “Personal Portafolio” I had to deal with writting down my best skills. (you know… selling my self) :wink:

Thank you for your comment.