Personal Portafolio Wep Page Project

Good evening everyone,

This is still work in progress so, don’t pay attention to the colors and the styling :). I’m working on my page structure and I have a problem with the divs: if you notice in the second and third div there is a 4px space that I don’t want there… The other divs that I created in the same way, don’t have that space. I have tried several ways to delete them without success. Any help will be highly appreciated.


If you mean the space between the “pages” it is caused by the margin of your h2, h3 etc.

If you set your title (About, Portfolio, etc) with margin:0 it should be ok.

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That navigational bar is freaking nice! Great job! Just as some feedback, I’d recommend going over the bootstrap classes again because the nav bar is the only thing that’s mobile responsive and bootstrap is a mobile first framework! Here’s my portfolio, I just finished and turned it in, check it out

I did what you said and it worked. Thank you so much for your help.


Hey man the portfolio is coming along nicely! Glad to see it. I’m in the process of trying to make my navbar more mobile responsive, and I found something great I think you might like to use too. Its the form-control class in Bootstrap - check it out

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Hey, I was precisely looking for something like that. Thank you so much. Finally, I could finish my portfolio page. Thanks for your help.