Personal portfilo feedback request and navbar mistake question

Hello, I would appreciate any feedback on my project:

I can’t finish it because of navbar mistake (task number 3 in layout, or simply the last one). It tells me: Assertion error. Navbar’s parent should be body and it should be at the top of the viewport…""
Could someone help me with that please?
P.S. Thank you @4trio19 and @anon18662199 for trying to help me on my previous task.

Have you tried to fix the error by putting your navbar element as a direct child of body? Right now in your CodePen it is a child of header.

it didn’t work, but thank you

I forked your pen and put the navbar directly under body then removed padding and margin settings (you can add them back with more care later) and the page passed the tests

Yeah, it is so strange. I did the same - removed margin and padding and it worked. What is more surprising is that it still worked when I added some padding and margin back.
Thank you!!

you have about 15px to work with and if you add more than that to the top it breaks the test