Personal Portfolio - any feedback?

Finally completed the Responsive Web Design part of the curriculum, first thing I finished since A-Levels, so I’d love some feedback. Pats on the back and slaps on the face both welcome x

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Looking good! :smiley:

  • the inputs and text area at the bottom could use some padding (padding: 7px)
  • the buttons could use some padding (padding: 7px), border-radius (border-radius: 7px), pointer cursor (cursor: pointer), no border (border: none), and a hover color.
  • currently when you click Home in the navbar, it reloads the page instead of going to the top (#)
  • Bonus: to make it animate when you scroll, put scroll-behavior: smooth on html, body.

Very cool and original. I really like the functional and industrial feel of your page. I would space stuff out though, it does feel a bit crammed. And that’s it. The black and white, the fonts it really works. I love it. One detail though, maybe it’s my machine but when I click on projects in your navbar I am brought to the right section but I end up in the middle of the project section not the beginning.

@Steffan153 @mientje thanks! I’ll make sure to implement the suggestions, I tried making sure it’s nicely spaced for all the devices, but obviously I could do better.