Personal Portfolio - Chloe Coleongco

Hello there,

Any feedback on my portfolio page is very much appreciated!

On a related note, what’s the industry standard / recommended way to add your own pictures to your site? Do you store it on the cloud through whatever website then just get the link from there?

Thanks a bunch!

I’m a fan of the simplicity :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I was actually wondering if it was too plain and how I could liven it up a little while maintaining a clean, fresh look.

Good job, you improved!

Some things you should note for the future:

  • You added two versions of bootstrap css, keep one of them!
  • You shouldn’t wrap your links in spans, although it isn’t incorrect. You can style them directly.
  • Same goes for spans inside h4 or p. Just wrap them in a div, and then adjust the font style.
  • You don’t need to wrap your two images in an absolute span:
<span id="images">
 <a href="" target='_blank'><img src="" class="thumbnail" width="27.6%"></a>
 <a href="" target='_blank'><img src= "" class="thumbnail" width="30%"></a>

Just do:

 <a href="" target='_blank'><img src="" class="img-thumbnail" width="27.6%"></a>
 <a href="" target='_blank'><img src= "" class="img-thumbnail" width="30%"></a>

Notice that I changed the class as well. Also, try to always style your content through your CSS. It’ll be easier for you to modify at a later date and it will keep your HTML cleaner.

Lastly, you have added the bootstrap CSS but you aren’t really using it, aside from the containers and some text-center class. If this is by choice it’s fine, otherwise, try and use the grid system more effectively, you could get the same layout with very little effort.

As an example, look here. Aside from all that, again, nice job!

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Thank you so much! Your feedback is very helpful and I really appreciate the example! Haha, it’s not really a choice so much as the fact that I just started learning how to use Bootstrap. I redid my portfolio following your example. Thanks again!

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