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Hi Guys. I just Finished my first pass of the Portfolio Challenge. Its a bit basic and quite garish this was intended just to try out different colours etc. Please take a look and let me know how I can improve. All feedback welcome.

This is a really well-done project for a first-time project! Here would be my suggestions for some minor improvements / enhancements:
–Menu Bar: I can see that when you are at the top of the page, the nav bar has the “About” link highlighted indicating that is the section you are viewing. However, this doesn’t dynamically change when you scroll down the page. I would 1) Make it dynamic so it changes per div (section). 2) I would make it a ‘sticky’ nav bar so it is always at the top of the page (therefore you can see it change dynamically.
–Project Pictures: You have arranged these vertically, which warrants a lot of scrolling on your page. I would consider doing a wide-format grid layout for those instead and condense them.
–Contact Form: I would suggest that you have a “Message” field on the form so that people wanting to contact you could write more of a message so you know what they are needing.

Overall though, I think you did a great job for this project!

You have loaded two versions of Bootstrap (3 and 4) in your Codepen settings. You need to use only one and use the syntax that is applicable to that specific version. Otherwise, you run the risk of unexpected results on different browsers.

There is no reason at all to use JavaScript with your project, because you can just manually add the class names to the elements’ class attribute. This would also allow you not to have to the load jQuery library. The less code you load, the faster the page loads. Was there a particular reason you used JavaScript to accomplish this?

Mainly just practice. First time using the system so I was flexing a little to find my way about.

Thanks for the feedback Austin. I’ll defo take that on board and have a look at a version 2. Thanks again for the time you took to review.

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