Personal Portfolio Design - Good or nah?

Greetings my fellow campers :grin:

I hope Code Camp is treating you all well. I was hoping I can get some feedback on my portfolio’s design:

I had a bunch of designs in my head but ended up changing the site after every iteration -_-
I am definitely planning to update the site in the future.

Constructive Criticisms are gladly accepted !

Thank you in advance you good hearted soul.

Looks good! Have you considered ScrollSpy for your nav links?

My iphone doesn’t like it as much as I do.

No, not until now ;] Checked it out and it is definitely something I will add !

Thank you for the tip! @PortableStick

Ha! and ouch… that looks awful, your phone really doesn’t like it,

Looks like I got some fixin’ to do.

Respect :sunglasses: