Personal Portfolio done feedback + questions please

Hi guys,

I have finished my personal portfolio project, I’d like a feedback and have some questions if you may.

My question when the height shortens, like if you put your phone in rotate mode, my headers and paragraps in the welcome section go out of balance, and so as the .logo-cont class

How can I fix it? How can I know at which height I am? I code on my pc and I can see the width px but not height.

My other question when I ran my project through html vaildator it gives me an error because of the image I took off codepen inspect, any way to fix it or should I ignore?

“= in an unquoted attribute value”

.logo-cont also seems to be unaffected off display flex. Why is that?

The parent is flexed.

Display: flex;

And overall feedback over my project would be very appreciated ty a lot!

Personally, I think my project is nice my nicest one so far lol, cant wait to get to JS once I am done with this.
Overall I am proud of myself and specially this, when I began with the projects I was like what the hell? How can I do it? And now I have finished the cirruculum.

Wrote this post from my phone hope it’s okay.
Thanks again!

The full message is
= in an unquoted attribute value. Probable causes: Attributes running together or a URL query string in an unquoted attribute value.
You need to take a look at where this first originates. Your code where this originates is

<img class="project-image" src= alt="Technical Document Page">

Do you see what’s incorrect about the way you have the src attribute?
Maybe search on the correct format of the src attribute…revisit the lessons

Haha ty
I was missing the quotation marks, crazy how such a little thing can cause so many errors.

To my other question that the height causes issues do you havw any tips for that or a little direction to make it more responsive w/o media query like flexbox etc?

Also how come a class isnt affected by my flex if you can give shed a light on that :sweat_smile:.

Otherwise thanks a lot, what is your overall opinion on the project besides that?

Edit: done some media queries, wondering is there a better way? I read that people code first for phones/tablets and only then for desktop.

But which sizes should I take is 400px height/width enough? As in media queries.

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