Personal Portfolio FCC Feedback

I recently completed my personal portfolio project and was wondering if anyone could help me improve its visual design. I’ll be adding a media query for larger screen sizes to make the page more responsive plus some more projects, but I wanted to get some feedback before I continue working on it.



  1. the github link doesn’t work - 404 error message
  2. verify your email with codepen so we can view your project in full screen mode.

Looks pretty good so far I like the buttons that open up to your projects. As far as design, I would say do you, this page should capture who you are as a web developer.

P.S. go through your code and make sure everything is clean. Found a closing div tag without its counterpart right after the anchor element for “tribute page”

Sorry for the dead link, I just published the page so it should be up in a bit, just verified my email so it should be good now

Nice. So just a suggestion that I think would be cool: a parallax for your iceberg image. I really like the image and your brand over it. I think it would be really cool to have the user scroll and your actual project display comes up while the picture and brand combo are eclipsed by you project display. Try it out

Also I forgot to add that a parallax scroll effect doesn’t work well on mobile devices I don’t think. So you would have to use a media query to turn it off for mobile devices.

Check it out if you’re interested:

Thanks, I got the parallax to work