Personal Portfolio Feedback - 1st attempt

I created my first Personal Portfolio. I wasn’t sure what I was and wasn’t allowed to do. I used examples from the net to build this project and it doesn’t look like the sample portfolio provided. Feedback is appreciated.



Very nice. I love the design.

Everything flows nicely until I came to contact form. If you could tone the harshness of bright white on black, it would fit the overall them much better. Maybe change the form color or give it some opacity?

I don’t think you need to make it look exactly like the sample portfolio, as long as you have the necessary content. I would recommend perusing the internet and looking at real examples of web dev portfolios. While I liked the heading of the page, I can’t help but wonder what the theme is? I personally feel there is not a good connection between the different sections- it kind of feels like you found examples you like and then copied and pasted them together. If that’s not the case and you coded everything by hand, great job but try to get everything in your page to flow better. The travel section is not mobile responsive-the picture does not resize to fit smaller devices.
Try to keep in mind that when a recruiter or hiring manager is viewing your portfolio, it needs to wow them very quickly and they should not have to guess what is going on. They should have quick access to your CV, your projects, etc. I like to ask myself when I’m designing things if my page would be intuitive for someone who has no tech or web development experience. If the answer is no, I go back and tweak things. I hope this feedback is helpful to you, good luck! :grinning:

Thanks for your feedback.
@mkmanges I was thinking along the same lines. I made the contact form background slightly opaque.
@jmelka0730 True. Only the first image truly means anything to me since it symbolizes curiosity. I was not sure how to style the rest of the site without making it bland. I did look at other profiles and it was very enlightening. As far as the images go, the bootstrap 4 cards aren’t yet responsive. Hopefully they change it on Bootstrap 4 final release.

Your last statement was especially useful. I will consider it carefully as I redesign the page.

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