Personal portfolio feedback. Any suggestions welcome!

Here’s my pen! So happy to have finally finished this lol. Any thoughts and feedback is much appreciated!

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I think your other works are better than your portfolio website :slight_smile: In my opinion, our portfolio websites are like a showcase and we should reflect our whole skills over there.

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Nice portfolio site. It sizes nicely on any desktop. I did find some issues with mobile view.

I would write some media queries for some typical mobile sizes like iphones. You probably want to stack those into a single stacked column.

Otherwise looks good. :slight_smile:

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@Malthouse A few design critiques (Remember this is constructive criticism, I’m only trying to help!):

  • Maybe you could add some margin between the projects too (this just means gaps)

  • The last project is overflowing over the device’s width (you’ll need to change your width attributes)

  • The social media titles beside the icons don’t have a font assigned

Overall, this looks great! I love the navigation bar and the hero image.

It’ll be better for your learning if I don’t help you too much, but if you really need it, tag me :smiley:

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For the projects section you can try to do a row of two projects with some margin on the left and right side. This way there is space, and will look good on mobile too.

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It’s possible to pass the tests with invalid HTML. You should really validate your markup. I had previously seen your product page and had hoped you’d fix the problem with the header. All your projects have some obvious, what I hope are, mistakes. One didn’t pass all tests when I checked. Not quite done yet.

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I appreciate the feedback! Thank you for taking the time to look! I will try and make my portfolio showcase what I’ve learned better :smile:

Yeah thank you so much for looking! I am having a time grasping media queries lol so more research it is!

I love constructive criticism! It’s my favorite type of criticism lol. Anyways, thank you for your input. I will take a look at the font and margin and things you mentioned! Thanks!

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Hey! Great idea! Thank you so much!

Yep, they are most definitely mistakes lol. I will go and fix that header thing I remember you saying something about that! I must not have saved what I was doing. I tried an online HTML validator on each i believe but possibly forgot one page. Thank you so much for your time again!

great start buddy, looks nice!

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As for a start, it is great! I think that my works were worse and I wish you good luck!
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@AmySuite I don’t know why you are angry :slight_smile: my portfolio’s works is not mine. you can see on my personal website what i’ve said :slight_smile: but I’m wondering why did you need to investigate that :slight_smile: I didn’t say anything about “my works” anywhere and I didn’t use any works anywhere. I’ve inspected those works step by step to see what will happen. Because my english is not good. And I generally use Google translate. And I always need to see trying what will happen. Someday if I use those works anywhere saying they are mine you can blame on me. I didn’t use them. I don’t think so that I did plagiarism. Becasue I don’t have any works :slight_smile: but If it’s not available aspect of convention, I’m sorry. But as I said I didn’t use them anywhere.