Personal Portfolio - feedback appreciated!

Hi all,

Just finished my personal portfolio. Would really appreciate feedback as to the color scheme, design, layout, etc. I used Bootstrap so it should format to your device.


Nimalen’s Portfolio

Hi! Well done! Your page adapts correctly to all device widths. In my opinion, you should horizontally center your portfolio items’ thumbnails. I don’t like the background color (matter of personal taste). The only issue is that when you click on navbar links you will be sent to each section but the fixed navbar hides the top higher part of the viewport: you can fix this just by adding - 70 after the code .offset().top in your js code.

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hi nice job … responsive works well … for me though i would use a col-sm-9 and col-sm-3 on your student aspiring computer section just so it looks the same on tablets and i pads and dosent go to full width till it gets to mobiles eg have it as <div class="col-md-9 col-sm-9">
plus do the same on the portfolio so eg add col-sm-6 so it looks the same on ipads and tablets
it nice to see its responsive as a lot of people are struggling to get there portfolio responsive.
well done good job

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@dem-s: Thanks for the feedback! Haha yeah I just kind of played around with a few colors and stuck it to the background because I knew if I kept being picky I would’ve been playing around with the color scheme for hours - rather just pick one and move on and maybe I’ll pick another one later.

I see your point with the portfolio thumbnails’ alignment but I kind of like the way it looks, just aligned to the left below each title. Will keep it in mind for future projects!

Regarding the navbar fix - thanks! Just fixed it :slight_smile:

@JohnL3: Thanks for the feedback! Good point - didn’t take that into account, it certainly looks a lot better on tablet devices now. Yeah, responsiveness is tough so I appreciate the complement :smiley:

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