Personal Portfolio - Feedback needed :)

I just finished my Portfolio and claimed “Responsive Web Design” certificate :slight_smile:
Here’s my portfolio:
Any feedback appreciated :smiley:


Why you do not want to play with fonts. They also attract people. Try something like this Put it on subheadings. Show your creativity.

This looks nice but is it okay to use the camp’s projects as your own? I’m just asking b/c i don’t know if its okay or not.

You can apply scroll-behavior:smooth; to the body tag in your css file to get smooth scrolls.

I think it is fine to put these projects to portfolio at he beginning.He coded them himself, he only got the requirements from freecodecamp. Eventually, when you have more advanced projects under your belt, you can change them.

I also completed the web design project but i didn’t receive my certificate. I don’t know why??:thinking:

Now it makes sense. thanks!