Personal Portfolio [Feedback Needed]

Hi, after working 12 hours or so I have completed the personal portfolio project. It couldn’t make it that fancy as the one shown in example. However, I am looking for some feedback on how to improve it.

My project URL is this:

And, the project code is kept here for easier testing and evaluation:

Also, I want to know how to do transform animation on contact links so that it eases downwards on Y axis when a mouse hovers over it. I did used something like:

.contact-link > a {
    transition: transform 0.1s ease-out;

.contact-link > a:hover {
    transform: translateY(8px);

But it didn’t worked.

Hi @Mr-Kumar-Abhishek!

Your portfolio looks nice and clean. Well done!

As for the animation effect on the links, could you try adding:

transform: translateY(0px);

To .contact-link > a

I think it needs a starting value to interpolate from.

This very very nitpicky, but on the “Contact” page, there’s slight sliver of the red “Projects” background on top still. (Edit: This only occurs when the browser window is maximized in Chrome, for me. On narrower viewports there’s no issue).

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okay I will look into it. :smile: