Personal Portfolio - feedback on project

Hello everyone. I’d like to gather some feedback on my portfolio page. I think I would like to use it as a real website, not just as project for the course, therefore I’d like to ask for honest and harsh if needed opinions. Just FYI the links to other websites are general links for now in case there are some spam bots or whatever. Thank you in advance.

Hey @Shan1!

I think your page looks awesome!

The only thing that I noticed was the projects don’t seem to line up at the bottom.

Keep up the good work!

Happy coding!

Hey @Shan1!
Your page looks good. There are a few things I like to change.

  • You can change the Menu font, it looks simple other than other fonts on the website.
  • You can increase the size of the projects, it is small.
  • In the contact section, your little bit darkens the bg image.
  • The icon for E-mail, is not good you can change the icon to like envelop.

Thanks and Happy Coding!

Thank you for the reply. I think I fixed what you meant, however there is like a little stripe of tile at the bottom that img does not cover. Not sure how to fix this.

Thank you for the input. I changed font and mail logo, it looks better. Increased the size of projects a lot, maybe too much? Not sure what you meant about contact bg img, however I’ve noticed some problem with the old picture on some mobiles and decided to change it. I was going for something with contact theme, but could find any simple pics like that so went with light watercolour theme, thinking it might look “handmade” and more personal.


Hey @Shan1!
You change the other things, I told

It is Fine. It looks good.

Good job,
Keep it up.

Thanks and Happy Coding.