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Hi everybody,

I think I’m getting pretty close to finish my final project of the responsive web design certification.

I’d love some feedback on the overall thing, so I can make it better before submitting it and finally move on to the javascript module.


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Hello Lorenzo,

an interesting combination of trades that will gain the attention of some recruiters, especially the ones that like costum beers.
When you start networking, that’s one of the things you can bond over with future employers in places like LinkedIn.

For the code: Top notch, clean, commented, your grid game is on point, I’m looking forward to when you start using JS.

Just one tip design-wise (I do both design and development) You are probably going for a beer theme, but it’s too much brown. I had the impression I’m looking at a cheap retro game. Combine the beer colors with some white or light grey and you should be good!

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I agree with Daniel above that some white would help but overall this is great looking and much better than where I am at so far. I was looking for inspiration and you gave me some so thanks for that! Happy coding!

Wow thanks, I honestly didn’t expect a feedback like that. Can’t wait to go on with this awesome course.
As for the color scheme, to be honest, I specifically looked for retro gaming color palette :sweat_smile:, but giving it a more project oriented color scheme makes more sense.
Thanks again for the feedback, really.

Thanks for the feedback!
When I started this project I got stuck trying to add screenshots of my projects as images of the different cards (as seen in the example portfolio) but I never managed to make it work the way I wanted.
From there I started to think about it in a more simple way. Google icons are easier to control and somehow the whole thing looked better. Sometimes simplicity is key I guess.

Thanks for sharing.! I am having the same problem about how to add screenshots of project for different cards. I will also try to think of something else if I couldn’t make it work.

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Not sure if this would work for your goals but you can upload the image to IMGBB.COM
From there it will give you a normal link you can use in your img src.
Hope that helps!
Happy coding!


Thank you for sharing. It works this way. :]

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