Personal Portfolio Feedback

Hey guys!
I finished my second iteration of my portfolio page and seeking for constructive criticism. My projects are far away from finished and will get some polish. Disclaimer:All the texts are in german and will stay in german.

I would like to get feedback to the following topics:

  • Layout of the site / Mobile Layout.
  • Missing or not working modules.
  • overall Appearance.

Thank you in advance!:heart_eyes:

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Hey Barnados,

I really like your portfolio page because I haven’t come across a design like this before. It looks very original to me, I know that the tiles resemble Microsoft’s tiles but still to use this style on the internet is something I haven’t come across. Your website comes across as simple but very elegant. I am sure as you polish the site it will look even more beautiful and elegant.

I think you are on the right track.:wink:

I agree, this is a beautiful layout. I like how the menu switches from left to top when screen size changes. There is a lot of whitespace below the projects which requires a lot of scrolling to reach the bottom. And part of the menu is at the bottom of all this scrolling…menu should be accessible from the top, or fixed to the bottom of page while scrolling.

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Could you elaborate the last point abit?

I put the email & resume for a reason on the end of the Page. Potential clients first want to see if i’m the right person, and then contact me. On bigger screens i put the sidemenu with a fixed position.

Should the contact#section more prominent in Colour and size?

Thanks for the Feedback!

In full screen, the menu with all the links shows up on the left. In mobile, the menu is split between the top of the page and bottom of the page, which you have to scroll to reach. By the time you see the contact menu link, you have already scrolled to the contact section. At that point a link back to the top makes sense.

Thanks for the feedback. You’re right, i need to implement that.