Personal Portfolio - Feedback

I finished my portfolio page and would love to hear your feedback. I am surprised at how long this took me to complete! I probably restarted 5 times before deciding on the design (definitely the hardest part). I know there is an issue with the collapsed navbar on IOS, but i think it is a bug. Please let me know what you think.

Looks very nice. Sleek design, and responsive too. I especially like that you changed the top menu for smaller screens.

One thing I did notice, regarding your logo in the upper left corner – when you scroll down, its disappearance feels a bit abrupt since there’s no transition. But perhaps that’s a matter of personal style. :slight_smile:

Overall, great job on your portfolio!


I hid the logo on scrolling because it looks bad on mobile. I hadn’t thought of adding a transition to it, but I like the idea. Thanks!