Personal Portfolio: Feedback

Submitting my second FCC project, Personal Portfolio, for feedback.
Personal Portfolio
Pros: My goal going in was to use mostly bootstrap for a more responsive design versus my first project. I spent a lot of time going over bootstrap tutorials for this, so it took longer to complete.
Cons: I feel the thumbnails are too big and the site tended to “hug” the left margin on my iPad and Android phone.
Thank you for your time.

It looks great! I like the white and blue colors, relaxing to the eyes, and how it all nicely stacks up vertically as you gradually decrease the screen size. It looks good on my iPhone too, and social media buttons work well. Only thing that doesn’t work for me is when I click on the menu button, after I shrink the screen size, nothing happens.

For your images, if you were to upload your own personal images from your desktop how would you do it? I’m asking you because I see you are using the https links, and those worked well in my Tribute page but in my Portfolio I want my own pictures. I ended up experimenting with imgur, which kind of works but wondering if there’s a better way…

Thanks for the feedback, I will have to look at that menu button. I had the same issue with wanting to use my own pictures also. From my reading I could not find a way to use the pictures stored on my drive. I found a reference that if you use Google Photos you can get a link to your photo to use, but I could not get that work. So I ended up uploading the pictures to Facebook and using the resulting URL from that. If you find a good way to use personal photos, please let me know.