Personal portfolio feedback?

Hello, I just finished my personal portfolio:

Personally, I enjoy the design, I am not 100% certain on the colors, but I can update them at anytime. I wanted to make it a little bit different than the example, I wanted to give a little shape to the borders. I tested some background-images, but I could not find the right pictures, the text was unreadable, and so on. There are things which can be improved, and I will probably make some changes after I gain more knowledge.

I had troubles with the media query, but I think I started to understand it a little bit better.

Looking forward to your suggestions, recommendations.


Desktop looks great (though I think “portofolio” has an extra o.
On mobile, the text is kinda hard to read (see below), so I might cut down the padding in the media query. You might also want to use a flexbox or something for the navbar so the words “My Projects” don’t get split apart.
Hope that helps!

Thank you. Will do :slight_smile: