Personal Portfolio • Feedback

Hi everyone,
I’ve just reached what i believe is a good level of knowledge to start searching for an entry level job, but before i start sending applications i want some opinions on my portfolio.
Thank you!

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Nice job on your project! Looks like you’ll be reaching a job soon!

The background animations you chose are really cool.

I would suggest that you make the project cards fade in a little bit faster. They seem to be a little slow.
0.5 seconds maybe?

It kind of looks like the languages you used for your projects (the place where you display which ones you used) are buttons.
It would be better if you displayed them a little bit differently.

Maybe make the contact section a little bigger.

Something that you should almost never do is make a link into strong or bold text without underlining it.

The link that lead to freecodecamp should be either blue, should be underlined, or if you still want to keep it as bold text, you can underline it.

Great job, once again. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for the fast response!
What do you think it’s a better way to display the frameworks that i’ve used?
To be honest at one point they were buttons to search for projects with the same “tag”, but I didn’t like it, so i scrapped, and the design remained unchanged