Personal Portfolio - Feedback :)

Hello, I finally finished my personal portfolio, so I would like to know what you think :smiley:

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Just a few major issues that should be fixed.

  • In a wide view I am getting a horizontal scroll bar and the Skills box is way over to the right.

  • I can’t read most of the white text. First, the color contrast with the background is not enough to make it accessible. Use the WebAIM contrast checker to make sure you have enough contrast. Second, in narrow view you have shrunk down the font size so much that I probably couldn’t read it in any color.

Nice color choice :slight_smile: Try picking more contrast so that the text is readable even for those with visual problems.

The image is no longer loading. Can you double check ?

As an addition, if you’re interested in getting the ‘frosted glass’ effect on your navigation, Two Ways to Create a Frosted Glass Effect in CSS

Thanks I will take into account the contrast for future projects. About the images I have been trying in different ways and they only load when I open the page on my computer, I have tried different ways to make them load and they do not work

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