Personal-Portfolio: font,colors

I’m working on my Personal Portfolio Project but I’m not sure whether the colors and font-families are looking ok. I changed the colors a lot of times.
Any comment is welcome.



I think your use of sepia tones is interesting and creative. I think this evokes nostalgic feelings; maybe you could try seeing if any of the “Handwriting” fonts from Google work wells for titles and see what well they pair with for paragraph text.

Generally the more creative choices you make the more difficult it is to make a cohesive design. In future projects I suggest trying to use a simpler layout and colors and see the best you can do just for practice. It will force you to think of how to make a good design with less.

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Thanks! I will play around with some handwritings.

There are still a lot of projects, I’ll try to do it simpler on the next one!

The colors are good, not super crazy about the Nova Mono font, I would at least capitalize the H1.

One thing I would change is the bottom of the hero image, to my eyes/brain it is very attention-grabbing. I love the shallow depth of field of the image, I would just get rid of the bottom part and have it just be a flat piece of paper.

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I’m always struggling with the design part since I’m no designer. I found this web that helps you find new color schemes:
Color Schemes
and thought I could share it :wink:


Very nice
added to bookmarks :grinning:

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Cool idea: always good-looking color-combinations. And the result can be exported as scss-variables. Thanks

I will experiment with some new fotos. The bottom part is my keyboard that somehow became very fat… thanks.

Here are a few more color scheme generators.


Colors from images can be really cool (both colormind and has this feature as well, but its a bit hidden)

Color palettes applied to a design can be useful


Wow. A lot of people has thought about that. That reminds me to another problem I/ we usually have at work: finding a “SCSS-naming-convention-interface” for a website. If you have something like that you could easily change website-colors like clothes. But everybody has it’s own style.

  1. Some just define colors: $green, $red. This is bad because $green often will no longer be green after some months or years …
  2. Others tried something like: $primary-color, $secondary-color. This is bad because everybody has a different idea for what each variable should be applied to.

Describing the problem nicely:

(But I’m not convinced about his solution)

This might be a solution derived from experience?: