Personal Portfolio (Gerald Beatty)

Hi Fellow Campers,

I’ve finally managed to complete my Personal Portfolio project. If anybody had any comments, constructive criticism, pointers, I’d be very grateful to hear them.

If you would like me to reciprocate with your project, I would be very happy to.

Many thanks,



I think it’s excellent. Unfortunately, there are a few responsiveness problems but I’m sure you can fix them:

The projects and the social links cover other sections on the smaller view.
Also your image is not responsive.

Feel free to critique mine: :zipper_mouth_face:

Hi Johnny,

Thanks very much for the feedback. You’re dead right, it needs some responsive tuning.

Kudos for your project; looks great.

A Few points (maybe they’re answered already)

  • Your 2 NHS projects don’t have links, (or are they private?)
  • Just my personal opinion, maybe having the project thumbnails the same size would be a bit neater.
  • Perhaps a little margin below the thumbnails to avoid cramping

I agree with those points. I will get round to it one day! So much to learn! :hushed:
The NHS projects are no longer active but I can discuss what I did if anyone asks!

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