Personal Portfolio-Help required


I tried my hands on building Personal Portfolio.
Once I had created Welcome section, I gave it 100% width. Still there is some white space left on right side. The same thing is happening in all the three section. Could anyone tell me any workaround here?

Link to my code-

Hi, you would have to put a position: relative to # welcome-section (container of h1 and h3), and then you should change the positions of h1 and h3 to absolute. With this, the blank space on the right would disappear.

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Hey, thanks a lot. It worked!
Just one question though, the links in navbar are not working anymore. Would be able to tell me the reason?

Oh!, sorry for the delay in the reply, do not enter the forum for several days. The reason that the links do not work for you is because they were too “behind” in the document, you solve it using z-index, for example you give #navbar a value of z-index: 100 (it can be any number), the Larger value of z-index causes that element to be displayed before others that have a lower value of z-index.

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thanks! it worked :slight_smile: