Personal Portfolio- Help

Hi I have my personal portfolio page finished except for a few thing which I do not know how to do.
Here is the link:
Ok so what I want to do is have the buttons at the top of the page scroll to the corrisponding part of the page. Also I want those navigation buttons and the background image to scroll along with the user so that they are always there. Currently my social media buttons only work if you click open in new tab. How do I make it so it automatically opens the social media in a new tab? The last thing I want when you currently hover my navigation buttons the letters turn blue. How do I keep them white?
Thanks Taylor

In your menu, wrap the text in an anchor tag like this.


Then in your Portfolio section wrap it in an href that has a name that matches the href you used in the menu (minues the #)

Hi there!

When it comes to your navigation bar. Firstly put ypur navigation links/buttons in and if you are using bootstrap give it attribute “fixed-top”. Then it will always be visible at the top.
Here you can see more examples:

When it goes to your links, you need to add to your tag " target=’_blank’ ".
Here you can read more about it:
The link above also show you how to change links style (your navigation buttons also are links).

I’m not sure about background picture (what it will be the best way to use - maybe there is something in bootstrap that you can use?) and I didn’t fully understand what you were asking at the beginning - buttons at the top corresponding with part of the page? (sorry, english isn’t my first language).

I’m sure that the answer is there in the net… you must only look for it. That is also part of programmers work :slight_smile: keep it up and good luck! :slight_smile:

I mean: Firstly put your navigation links/buttons in tags and if you are using bootstrap give it attribute “fixed-top”.


sahhh *<navbar> tags (I forgot to prefomat text so it would be visible). Sorry! :slight_smile: