Personal Portfolio - I need some advice

So, I’ve editted my personal website a bit, the purpose is to include it on my CV.

Could you take a look?
And can you give me some advice on using color or presenting my personal projects professionally?

Here is the link, it’s good that you can access it via Chrome:

It looks pretty slick. My thoughts are:

I found the opening graphics too long and the wave thing made me feel a little nauseated. Also, does the wave thing have anything to do with you as a developer? What is it trying to communicate?

The color schemes were a big much for me - I found it distracting. True, I am kind of old fashioned, but still.

There is a tendency to use the personal page to show off every trick one can think of. I think this is a mistake - I’d rather it focus on information and do it with style, but in good taste.

I’m not a fan that I had to dig to find the projects. I would just have them visible from the get go. If there is more than one line, that could be expandable, but it shouldn’t be a puzzle to figure out where it is. A hiring manager may not bother. They will look for a few seconds and then give up, moving on to the other 227 personal sites they need to check before lunch.

Your projects should have a link to the code too. It’s also a chance to tell them what you used and worked with on each project.

I would want a list of all the techs, frameworks, and libraries you normally used. I would want those prominently in an obvious list. Make it easy for the hiring manager to figure out who you are and what you do.

I would want a section for work history and education, if you have any.

Maybe a short introduction. Who are you? What is your background? What kind of work are you seeking?

How do you take your coffee?

What does that mean or have to do with anything?

Here are some of my project

It should be plural, “projects”.

Rather than embed the links to certifications in your projects panels, I would have them in the education section.

Just some thoughts… Keep in mind that I am a nitpicker.


Hello, the portfolio looks interesting!
Im no expert in programming so i can only give you my personal preferences regarding the appearance of your page.
The subheading on the main section(that reads ‘a web developer’) blends too much with the image and it can be inconvenient to read. I suggest you find a way to make it stand out a bit more. It could be using more contrast, or font outline.
When you click on ‘welcome’ from the navbar, it brings you to the initial section, but the navbar becomes hidden(which can confuse you at first).

Knowledge on colors is major part from making your page look good and you might want to check on some basic color theory if you havent. There are some interesting sources out there, which can help you on making your choices regarding color palette in your projects.

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Thanks for your feedback, that was really helpful to me. :grin:

how about making scrolling smooth?

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