Personal Portfolio- Jeffrey Cao

any suggestions would be great! It’s kind of empty right now though :confused:


Is the best website on the internet. Congrats!

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I know it’s sparse right now but I really like your header background! Text looks great too, clean and easy to read.

You do have a very large gap to the right of the page caused by the margin-left: 237px; on .email
I’m not sure why you have such a large margin set there but if you want to keep that styling, just add overflow: hidden; to .subSection3 and that will hide the margin pushing past the main body of the page.

Other than that, you might want to consider a darker, more contrasting color for your navigation links. They totally work in you header area, but as soon as you scroll down you lose them because they’re so close in color to the grey background you’re using. What might be neat to look into doing is using JS or jQuery to dynamically change the link color when the user scrolls down to a certain point on the page, like past your header area. I’m not sure how to do that offhand but I have seen it done before and it’s a pretty cool effect.

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Thank you so much for the feedback! I just wasn’t sure how to center .email so I had to resort to margin-left: 237px; but I’ll try to implement overflow now.

Edit: Actually i just added text-align: center; to the parent element. Didn’t work when i used it on . What exactly does overflow:hidden; do in my case? I checked out the documentation for it and see it prevents text from flowing out of a container. Or something like that…

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Thanks for the compliment! :slight_smile:

I getcha! Centering elements can be tricky sometimes. But since you are using BS I believe (I could be wrong though) that there’s a text-center class you could put on .email that should center it. Give it a shot.

Edit: In regards to overflow: hidden; that’s exactly what it does. Basically hides anything that overflows out of a container element. Now that container could be a div or the main body/html tag itself. I tend to use it only on container divs though as I find putting it on the body or html sometimes has adverse results. I know margins will definitely push a element out beyond its container, sometimes a width setting will do it too. Which is when hiding that overflow becomes handy.

Edit 2: Yep you can totally use text-align center on the parent element as well. But just a heads up for the future, you’ll have to then add text-align: left or right (depending on your desired layout) to child elements inside it if you want them to sit in a place other than center.